This presentation shows the structure of the Family Justice System. Probably you have come across elements of it in the past, like pieces of a jigsaw. This is the complete system.

You have heard of solicitors and barristers but you do not know how they work together. You do not understand how mediation fits into the process. Is there any public funding? If you see it as a complete system and then read a discription of the way in which the different parts connect then you will have a clear idea as to where you are and where you might end up.

This presentation is colour coded. Those parts of 'The Issues' coloured blue and red are for couples in marriages or in civil partnerships.

The part coloured a deep shade of purple applies to all couples in any relationship which links their lives together, legally or financially, or by being parents of a child.

The part coloured green applies to any couples who have children.

In these presentations please remember that  'Your spouse' means 'Your partner' within a civil partnership as well, to keep it short.

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